Make your Mark is a 6 part sketchbook course, that helps you kick-start your creativity, whilst exploring your artistic voice.

The next start date for Make your Mark is: Summer 2023


Here's what's in Make your Mark...

Part 1 - Research

This is the fun part, getting out into the real world and finding inspiration.  By the end of this lesson you will have:


  • Collected primary and secondary sources of inspiration
  • Responded to them in your sketchbook using mixed media
  • Delve deep into a subject area that you really find exciting
  • Broadened your knowledge and understanding of a particular theme
  • Understand how to visually record your inspiration
  • Explored a vast variety of possible starting points
  • Removed your preconceived ideas of what the end result might be
  • An understanding of the design cycle

Part 2 - Materials & Techniques

This part is all about letting go and learning to enjoy the process of creating and exploring combinations of mixed media and materials.  It’s time to loosen up and respond to your research. By the end of this lesson you will have:


  • Chosen your preferred materials & theme
  • Responded to your initial research through experimentation
  • Explore a variety of techniques and materials
  • An understanding of how other artists approach their work

Part 3 - Delving Deeper

By the end of this lesson you will have:


  • Explored your chosen theme and medium in great depth by relating them to each other
  • Explored formal elements, such as texture, tone and line.
  • An understanding of how you approach your own work
  • Used formal elements to improve your use of marks and tone
  • Produced your own grey-scale key that will enable you to compare the tonal values of two different objects (bonus)

Part 4 - All About Colour

This lesson is all about colour and by the end of this lesson you will have:


  • Experimented with colour and developed a unique palette that best fits the direction of your work.
  • An understanding of the differences in colour theory and the science behind it
  • Used your grey scale key to become conscious of your representation of colour
  • A better understanding of how you can exploit colour in your work

Part 5 - Select & Reject

It’s time to connect with your why.  Why this colour? Why this mark? Why this subject?

By the end of this lesson you will have:

  • Developed analytical skills by questioning your own work and that of others. 
  • The ability to identify why a piece of art makes you feel the way it does
  • An understanding of how you can use that same analysis to communicate to your own audience
  • More confidence to use your own experience and background to form an opinion on art
  • Learn how to ‘read’ an image
  • Narrowed down your focus so you can go on to create a strong piece of work or a collection of work
  • Experiment with how to pull your ideas and exploration together

Part 6 - Roundup

You will collate all your work and by looking back you will review your journey.  By the end of this lesson you will have:


  • Enough research & experiments to take your work to the next level and create a finished work of art or a collection.
  • Collated all your work and put it into order
  • Explore ways to present and show your work
  • Reflected over your journey
  • Produced an in-depth body of work
  • Produced a highly exciting resource that is unique to you